Sunday, April 24, 2011


Mark and I had a mission while we were in Boston, to find the best Boston cream pie. Our first sample was a Little Debbi cake that my husband and I found in a Walmart in Hartford.
It was sweet and tasted just like a BCP.

Saturday night was dinner at Legal Sea Food. Time to try another pie. We were surprised it wasn't a slice of cake.

Sunday we headed into Boston and straight for the Omni Parker Hotel. This is the place that started it all.

I was hoping for the 14 layer Boston cream pie but that was only featured for a month to promote a food tv show. Again it wasn't a cake slice.

Sunday night after dinner we stopped at Mike's Pastry in Little Italy. When I saw the line was out the door and down the street I was ready to pass, but Nancy said it was moving fast.

Nancy waited in line and quickly came out with our box wrapped in string and holding this time a slice of cake. We carried it back to our hotel to devour.
Tuesday we took the T to Harvard square in search of Sweet Cupcakes.

This tiny cupcake store was winner of the Best of Boston 2010 for cupcakes.

We looked in the case and there was only one Boston cream cupcake. What to do! But the clerk told us there were more in the back. Whew! One little cupcake is hard to share with four people.

So after eating so many cream pies you would think we'd be sick of them, but on the way out of town we got a text that Mark was having his last Boston cream pie at Legal Sea Food at the airport.

And how did they rate?

Mike's Pastry and Omni Parker Hotel both got a score of 8 out of 10

Sweet Cupcakes was a 7

Legal Sea Food was a 6

Little Debbi a 4