Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall Back

Don't forget, tonight we turn the clocks back. That means it'll be light in the mornings for running. I'm looking forward to that, I hate getting up and it's dark out.
I went to do my run and the Garmin was making strange noises like it was possessed. I couldn't get it to do anything so put it back in the charger and went out with out it. Running without the
Garmin feels weird.
No pace to check, no distance and no time. I had to do a route that I knew what the miles were. It was kind of freeing not to have it on my wrist and always checking the numbers.

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Mark said...

I had totally forgotten about the time change until I saw this last night. I would have been waiting at the park gate an extra hour if I hadn't seen this. Nice to use the extra time for sleeping instead.