Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Race

We headed down to the expo on Saturday to pick up our bibs, race shirt and goodie bag. We looked at a lot of running gear but didn't buy anything. I must admit I was tempted at the shoe stop but I just bought a new pair of shoes so passed it by.

After the expo we checked in to the hotel. Jenny and I were spending the night in St. Pete's so we didn't have to get up so early. As luck had it I woke at 2:30, go figure. Our cheering crew would be driving down in the morning. Seven in the morning and the race has started, lots of pink shirts. Our crew was there but we did not see them.

We are half way done and connected with our cheering squad. The temperature was warm and it was humid out, but we had a plan for this race and that was to have no plan. There was no Garmin strapped to our wrist. We were just having an awesome time being together and enjoying the race. Jenny said she was a bit nervous when I started to complain about the heat at mile two.

We are nearing the finish line, just down hill and around the corner. Once again this was a great race to do. Jenny even did a cartwheel in Tropicana stadium.

We got our medal and I had the charm put on a cord. It's time to rest and eat some food and then head back to Jenny's house. A big thanks to our cheering squad, Tom, Allie, Mark, Andy and Tom, who got up early and drove down to cheer us on and take pictures and wait for us to finish.


Amy said...

Good for you! Love the pictures!

Mark said...

It was fun cheering you two on as well as a great visit, thanks for coming!