Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone

Oh my gosh I don't know where the week went. I guess I have been busy making decorated Easter cookies(we don't dye eggs anymore) that I haven't had time to blog.

Thursday night was running class and we went to the track. Three of us are running and one has had some problems with her leg so she walks. We did some Indian drills which were fun and we managed to even run for 7 minutes. That is huge for us. We did around 2.8 miles. Also Thursday was sock night and everyone got a pair of Thorlos.

Friday was gym day with Shayla, working shoulders, back and abs. The weights are increasing so I must be getting stronger.

Saturday I went out and ran/walked 3 miles. It felt good to be out and I needed the exercise because I had to work at the shoe store.

Hats off to Mark who ran a 5K on Saturday and won the over all. He came home with lots of goodies.

Also congrats to Kathryn for placing 2nd in her age division. You Florida people are awesome runners.

Today is to be a long run and I am hoping for the weather to cooperate. WE are about 50 and windy. I'll give it a few more hours and if no improvement will head to the gym.

Where ever you are enjoy your day.


Jenny said...

I love Allie's decorated eggs!! The little chick is super cute. What a decorator!

Great job on the workouts this week!

Amy said...

The eggs look gorgeous!! Good job on your workouts! Hopefully you are going to be feeling really fit next Sunday for the half!

Mark said...

Thanks for the props for my race!

Despite the busy Easter week you have really kept on top of your workouts. ING is getting close, you'll do great there!

Kathryn said...

YUM! Pass me a cookie! Those look heavenly... Allie decorated those??! Great work!

Thanks for the congrats on my race! I was happy to bring some hardware home for once :)

Great workouts for you, too! It's not easy keeping up with those when you have other irons in the fire... Good luck this weekend - I will be thinking about you!!