Thursday, May 29, 2008


Taken at Taku Glacier Lodge, Juneau, Alaska

This week has seemed to go so slow, it's only Thursday, but I have managed to get two training sessions in with Shayla. That isn't so bad. Usually when I have my reentry from a vacation it takes me a good week to get up to the gym.
We worked on legs, biceps and back. Tomorrow I go again and it will be triceps and chest. I still need to get a run in, maybe tomorrow after I train.

We were having dinner at the Taku Lodge when these cute baby bears came up to lick up the scraps at the grill. It was quite a thrill for all of us there and we quickly left the table to go outside and get a better view and some pictures.


Jenny said...

Cute bears!

Amy said...

Cute bears but I wouldn't want to wrestle with them! Good for you for getting right back into your training schedule - it is always so hard to get back into a routine when you come home from a trip!