Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Difference

You don't appreciate how nice it is to run with someone until you have the chance. Katy arrived on Sunday and on Monday we headed out for an early run. I took her on the trail I usually do through the neighborhood and we ended up doing 4:75 miles. It wasn't easy with the heat and humidity but it was nicer with someone to chat with. After running I had to come home and shower and change to go to the gym and work with Shayla. She said we were going to do legs and I told her I had just run/walked 4 miles and her answer was "so".

WE took today off because Katy has some mean looking bug bites on her ankles and legs and it hurts to bend the ankle. Tomorrow we will be back out.

Total miles for week 7:85

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Amy said...

Cute picture - is IS fun to have someone to run with, isn't it?