Monday, July 21, 2008


I'm not fishing for compliments but today when I went out for my run I decided to try to make it to 2 miles before I walked, and I did. I also found it a bit easier to run some of the hills. I guess all that running last week has helped. I'm planning on having 2 more morning runs before I leave for Maine.

Today also was gym day and Shayla had a few new things for me to try. We did an all body workout since I wouldn't be seeing her for about 4 weeks. Yikes! That's along time to go without doing weights.

Miles 4:50


KatyShops said...

Wow! Must be all of that Stampede beer!

Amy said...

Well you could try lifting lobster traps out the water (but my guess is the most heavy lifting you'll get will be your wine glass)!

Have a great trip!