Sunday, July 20, 2008


We arrived at White Rock around 6:30, parked and then headed up the hill to get our chips. Once we had those on we found the potty line. They did have an indoor bathroom plus porta potties outside. Now we were ready. The start was down by the lake and we found a spot not too far from the front. Both races were starting at the same time and place so it was a bit crowded. The trails were not wide and there were bikers coming towards us at times. Katy was ahead of me and Christy was behind. Someone had told us the course was flat but it wasn't. I was determined to run to the first water station which was at 1:50 miles and surprised myself that I made it. I lost some time at the station because they didn't have any water poured and you had to wait. I was going to skip it but decided with the heat I shouldn't. After the water there was a hill to go up and then it got flat. I tried to run as much as I could but started to get one of Jenny's stitches so slowed to a walk. It was great to see Katy with water as I approached the finish. We both agreed it was harder than we thought.We got water and then went to cheer Christy in. After we met Christy we headed for the ice cold beer. It was Stampede beer and was suppose to have extra vitamins in it. So I drank to my health. I received a tile for 1st place in my age group with a time of 40:01. I almost made it out of the forty's. Katy and Christy each won a door prize of a fuel belt.

It was a great finish for everyone but a harder race than we thought it would be.

As we turned the corner to my street we noticed a LORDY LORDY KATY's 40 sign that the girls had made to surprise their mother.

We were still hot and sweaty when we got home so decided just to go in the pool with our race clothes still on.

Miles for week 19:07

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