Sunday, July 13, 2008

Race for a cause

This morning Christy and I were doing the Evan Man 5K in our neighborhood. It is a fundraiser for Evan a 3-year old boy who contracted Meningitis last December and is currently undergoing several therapy processes to recover. Before the race both parents spoke about Evan and what he and the family were going through. I had tears in my eyes from listening.

The weather was cooperating, we had a cold front come through and I think the temperature was in the high 70's with clouds. I was glad for the grey sky because I decided to go without a hat. It was pretty much the same course they always use for races in the neighborhood but today there were two water stations. That was great news ! I did carry a bottle with me just in case.

I planned to run the first mile and when my garmin signaled I kept going another .30, this is big for me. My first mile was 11:something. Second mile was around 13. I walked up the hills but tried to take advantage of running down them. I finished in 42:18. When I was getting near the end I saw Shayla and stopped to say a few words, that probably cost me a few seconds.

After the race I went for some water but they were out so had a Sprite instead and waited for Christy to cross the finish. They were offering hot dogs and tacos but we decided to pass on those and go home.

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Amy said...

Great job on running even more than a mile - you have made so much progress recently! Have a great week!