Saturday, July 5, 2008

Liberty Race

Home one day from vacation and we had a July 4th race to run. The Liberty Run in The Colony. I wasn't sure why I signed up for this only that I had run it last year with Amy, Stefaan and Christy.
This year the course started at the park by the lake and headed up hill towards a neighborhood. I was determined to run the first mile. It was a challenge with the hill but I made it . Then I got a break with a little downhill, found some shade from some trees to help me cool off. I lost my running cap at the water park in Galveston and the one I was using wasn't vented. The course circled around until we were back on the road into the park. I finished in 40:22, grabbed some water and went and waited for Christy. Then we found a shady spot on the grass and waited to hear the results. I took second place for my age group. Another trophy, this one is the head of an eagle.

Now I have to keep training for the next race which is The Too Hot To Handle at White Rock Lake on July 19th. It is a 5K and Katy, Christy and I will be running.

Miles for week 9.85


Jenny said...

You are such a racer! I'm so proud of you for running the entire first mile!!

Amy said...

Good for you for improving your time over last year! You have done so well this year...just wish we could have run it with you again.

Kathryn said...

Congratulations on a great race AND a new trophy!!!! Well done!!

KatyShops said...

You rock! We are going to have a great run next week!