Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Choose a Bike

Last week I was in Florida to babysit while Jenny and Mark ran the Niagara Falls Marathon. My first day there she said I could go with her to pick up the boys from school. I had my choice of Mark's bike or Jenny's. I took the one with the basket. I don't feel very steady on a bike but I forged ahead following her to the school and than home again. I figured that was my exercise for Wednesday

Thursday was running day and we decided to stay in her neighborhood. It was a warm day and we agreed she would do her run and I would be behind doing mine. I guess I was a little slow because when I was nearing her house she had come out to look for me.

Friday I walked to the boys school to pick them up and then walked home. Andy wanted to run home but I said it was too hot and we were walking.

The rest of the week I took off. I figured i was getting enough exercise going up and down her stairs. :)

Miles for week : Wed. 2

Thurs 3:88

Fri 2 for a total of 7:88

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