Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This morning I headed out on my usual trail for my run. It was suppose to be cooler today but I couldn't tell any difference. I noticed my Garmin wasn't tracking the miles right. I thought I had reset it, but maybe not. The next thing I noticed was the sky was getting very dark in the West. Looked like it could rain but I was sure it wouldn't happen until later today so decided to go on and not turn back. I had just made it up the big hill when the wind picked up and the leaves started coming down and then it happened. Rain, it started coming down. At first I thought this was great, it was cooling me off, then it became annoying. My hat was wet, my glasses were fogging up and I was afraid I would slip on the wet leaves on the pavement. I kept running, what choice did I have, I had to get home and I had no phone to call for a ride. That's the thing about running once you are out there you just have to keep going. I finished with about 4:45 miles for the day.

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