Sunday, October 4, 2009


There is something about Fall and the cold weather that makes me think of apples. Just like Forrest Gump with shrimp I think about apple pie, apple crisp, apple cobbler, apple dumplings. You get the picture. So yesterday I made a beautiful apple pie with a homemade crust. Yum!
Today was time to get to the gym and work that pie off. It was card 6 of Jillian's Bod in a Box. This time it actually seemed easy, except for the jumping lunges. I did manage to do more than the last time but I'm no where near doing a whole set. This card had us doing a lot of squats and back exercises. I'm sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow.


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Squats are so hard! Congratulations on completing most of the workout. I love all things apple. My children love it when I do baked apples. Yum!

Sheila said...

That does sound good. I have a large bucket of apples from my tree sitting on the deck waiting for me to make a decision. I think maybe apple butter.