Thursday, October 8, 2009


The weather hasn't been too great here but I wanted to run outside so I drove to school to use the track, I figured that there would be no classes outside this morning and that I would be near my car so if it did start to really rain I could make a quick getaway.
I'd no sooner started than so did the rain. A very fine mist, nothing I couldn't run in. I continued to do laps and the rain continued to get a little harder. Still nothing I couldn't run in and I didn't want to quit at only 1 mile. My vision was soon down to zero. I needed wipers for my glasses. Couldn't see with them on and couldn't see with them off. At one point I thought someone else was coming to run, when I got closer it was just a trash can! I endured for over 3 miles then called it quits.
Miles run today 3.37

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Amy said...

Ooooo...beware the trashcan phantom....woooooo - just in time for Halloween!