Sunday, November 7, 2010


This morning I had 12 miles to do. I wasn't real excited about it but it helped knowing Amy also had 12 on her schedule. With the time change it was light earlier but the temperature was in the low 40's so I was waiting for it to get a bit warmer. Finally at 9:30 I headed out, ran past the police station to the end of the trail and then back. I was getting warm so went inside to the restrooms and switched my shirt from the keep warm side to the keep cool side. Yes it really works. I followed the trails then headed for the streets and then back on trails. There was some wind which made it harder to run but kept going. When I got near my street I was close to the 12 so ran until the Garmin hit 12. YES, it's done.

My library books are due this week so I thought I'd give you one more food from the book by Janet Wright The Top 100 Health Tips, this one is for my grandson Felix since he loves them, it's mussels. Because they contain both selenium and omega-3 fatty acids they are a super food. They prevent against cancer, heart disease and cell damage and improve brain function. Maybe that's why Felix is so smart. Personally, I don't care for them.

My goal for the week was to take the unhealthy recipe I turned in a few weeks ago and make it healthy and also bring a sample to Shayla. My recipe was the Texas sheet cake, now this I like. I replaced one cup of flour with whole wheat flour, added less butter and used low fat butter milk for the cake and skim milk for the icing. I also cut the icing recipe in half even though it is really so good that you just don't need all that on the cake.

Tomorrow is boot camp and then we go car shopping again.

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Amy said...

Good job on the recipe makeover! I will be sure to tell Felix about the mussels! Are you going to be able to put your feet up a bit today and rest those legs?