Sunday, November 7, 2010


Did you remember to set your clocks back? It doesn't really matter, I'm still up early. The only nice thing is it will be lighter earlier, bad thing darker earlier.
Yesterday Allie had a soccer game and my husband was helping out as one of the coaches so we had to get there on time. This left me with about 45 minutes until the game. I wore my running clothes and had decided that if it wasn't too cold and windy I would go out on the trails. The weather cooperated and I found this trail that went around a small lake so I ran around the lake about four times. Finished with 3 miles on my Garmin.
The run seemed to go quite well, my leg was not bothering me and the temperature turned out to be perfect.
Today there are 12 miles on my schedule, hope I can do it.

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Amy said...

Glad your run went well - you must have just needed some rest. Hope the 12 miles went well!