Sunday, November 28, 2010


Saturday morning we drove down to St. Pete's to meet Patty and Jay at the Vinoy. This was her second half marathon to do and we were all excited for her.

We lined up to get our bibs and the goodie bag.

Now we are ready to do some shopping at the Expo.

We stopped at Skirt Sports to look at the Kendall Kollection by Jackie McFee. Proceeds from this collection benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We liked the tanks and decided to get matching ones for the race.

Jackie was there and was nice enough to stop what she was doing for a picture with us. If you're interested you can go to her site to see her products.

Sunday morning we were up early and ready to race. The hotel was near the start line so we didn't have far to walk. We had time for a group picture and then Amy and Jenny went for a warm up run.

The sun is just coming up and we get a picture with our support team.

Jay has Patty do some stretches to warm up.

We found corral 6 and waited for the start, seemed like it took forever.

Soon we were on our way. Jenny started in corral 1 and Amy in corral 2. I was hoping I'd see them on the course.

We are heading for the Pier and spotted our support team. We lost some time at mile 3 when we had an 8 minute wait for the Porto potties.

We made it past the half way mark. Both of us were doing good, no aches or pains.

Seemed like it took forever to get into the stadium. Patty kept asking when we'd get there and I said just take it one step at a time. We even sucked it up and ran part way around.

Once out of the stadium it was all down hill to the finish. We were feeling strong and enjoying the moment.
We did it !!! I was so glad that I was able to do this with my sister for her 70th birthday celebration. That night we went to the Colombian Restaurant on the Pier to celebrate some more.


Fran said...

Your sister is 70 and did a half marathon? So impressed! I can only hope I will be able to do that at that age.

You look great in your matching outfits, even your daughters wore pink.

Katy said...

Looks like you guys had a good time! Glad to know you are home safe.

Amy said...

Love your race report - makes me feel like I was there!
PS when are you going to change your banner picture to winter???

Jackie said...

Hi Cindy! It's Jackie McFee! I just read your blog and I am so humbled, honored and excited that you mentioned me, posted the pics of you guys wearing the Kendall Kollection Skirt Sports athletic apparel, as well as finished the race with such grace and style!!!!! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this special kollection and helping to spread the word. Quite simply: YOU (and your luscious sisters) ROCK. Best, Jackie

Black Knight said...

Great report with nice pictures. Congrats to all of you! 70 years a half marathon: wonderful!