Thursday, May 5, 2011


Yesterday I picked my friend Shirley up and we headed for the Hilton in Los Colinas to meet a friend of her daughters. I was thinking we would be meeting an older gal only because she said they played canasta. Somehow I associated that with someone older. We were pleasantly surprised to see a young girl come around the corner and greet us. After introducing ourselves we asked Yogida if she would like to try Mexican for lunch, I was sure she would be able to find something vegetarian on the menu.

Shirley and I decided on the Los Cabos salad, which is chopped lettuce with bacon and avocado mixed together and topped with chicken. This is a really good salad!

A close up view of the salad sitting on a tortilla with sauce around it. Yogida selected vegetable tacos and was pleased with her choice. For dessert we shared a tres leche cake. The perfect finish to a lovely lunch.

After lunch we headed over to Barnes and Noble and then Target. Yogida was searching for some canasta cards. Finished with shopping it was back to the hotel, ? Yogida wanted us to help her with her money. We explained what they were worth and how many different combinations made a dollar. She had the paper money down but the cents confused her. I remember when I first visited Belgium I felt like I had Monopoly money, it meant nothing to me. I hope we helped. She presented Shirley with a beautiful silver box used to keep small jewelry in and then gave me a glass bead necklace. It was a wonderful day. We sat out by the hotel pool and chatted about everything. Finally we said our good by's and told her if she ever came back she had friends in Texas.

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Amy said...

How nice - you guys had such a fun day! And you went to that restaurant that we went to with Christy at Christmas - I'd recognize that salad anywhere!