Saturday, May 7, 2011


This morning was beautiful, sunny and with a nice breeze. Christy and I went out for more of a walk that a run. I wanted to try a new trail my neighbor had told me about.

It took us past the lake and then back out on to the main road.

Past the duck crossing sign. I didn't see any ducks but sometimes when I driving this road they have been there.

Across the new pedestrian bridge that took 5 months to build and kept the road closed.

Here's what we were looking for, the forest trail.

There are lots of signs on the trail but this one creeped me out. I told Christy if I saw a snake I was probably going to scream and toss my water bottle, so be prepared.

There are three different trails red,blue or yellow. We decided to take the yellow.

Along the way there were lots of flowers. Didn't see a snake but heard some noises in the tall grass. I was surprised how long the trails were and how quiet it was . This area is surrounded by roads and homes.

Once we were out of the woods we were back on the cement trails and passed a burrow and goat, can you see them? The burrow is to the left of the goat.

I guess we were to loud as this guy stuck his head up to see what we were doing.

Here's a picture I snapped of us in the safety mirror. As you can see no one was coming on the trail behind us.

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Amy said...

Wow, what a nice trail! How far is that from your house?