Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So this morning at boot camp we had to do our warm up. If you remember the warm up is :
50 jump ropes
25 squats with kettle ball
20 push ups
1 minute sprints
Today we repeated 3 times

When she told us what we would be doing for boot camp I gasped! " But we've already done some of that " I blurted out.
It was the deck of cards and the suits were assigned as follows:
Hearts jump rope
Spades push ups
Diamonds kettle ball squats
Clubs reverse lunges
Aces burpies or 1 minute on treadmill at 12% incline
Kings were 21 reps
Queens 18 reps
Jacks 15 reps

So it comes out to 109 reps for each suit. That doesn't include what we did for warm up.
Am I tired tonight, you're damn right I am.

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Amy said...

OMG!!!! Are you even still alive after all that?