Friday, September 12, 2008


I dropped Allie at school and then went to park so I could do my run this morning. There was a slight breeze and I thought it would be a good running day. I followed the trail from Briar Hill around to the old path and then back to Kids Kastle. By the time I made it back I was dripping in sweat. I don't know what happened to that breeze I had felt earlier.

Total miles today 3:00

Yesterday I was at the gym and we worked on core. I did a lot of abs and am feeling it today.

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Kathryn said...


I got my present today - I LOVE it and will wear both pieces with pride in March!! I feel like an honorary running-daughter :). Hopefully they will be good luck charms for us all!

I told Jenny this might inspire me to actually wear a crown for the race - I was going to for Minnie but chickened out :)

Looks like you have been getting some good running in still - I know that you are looking forward to the cooler weather...

Thank you again!!! :)