Sunday, September 21, 2008


I asked Allie if she wanted to run with me today so she could see how long 3:1 miles were. We are signed up for a 5K on the 27th. It's the Roof Top Dogs race and they have the cutest shirts, also the newscaster we watch every morning is going to be there. It took a bit of convincing but she finally agreed. Anyways about today's run. She asked if we could take the dogs and since Coco is the only one good on a leash I agreed. We took the trail past the municipal building because it has more shade and we were starting out at noon. Coco was loving it but it was warmer than I thought and I decided to stop running and we just walked, stopping for several water breaks. We finished with 2:25 miles. Not a great run but at least I got out. Now I will have to make up miles this week.

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