Friday, September 19, 2008


Yesterday I trained with Katy. We worked on biceps and back. She had some new moves and I commented how tough it was. " It must be that book I'm reading" she replied. " What book is that " I asked. " The one by Jillian" no wonder they were hard. At least she didn't stand on my legs while I did wall sits.
After the gym and my 25 minutes of cardio on the bike I headed to my favorite running store. Time for some new shoes. Randell was working and when I told him how long I had my shoes he laughed and said " throw those shoes out"
I am now the owner of Mizuno ( sounds like a car) Wave Creation 9. I wanted pink but they only came in blue. Maybe next year.

This morning I thought I'd give the shoes a try so did an easy run. I love these shoes.

Miles today 2:81

Miles for week 17:50


Shayla said...

Hey girl! How are things going? Sounds like you are enjoying your training with Katy. I knew you would like her! She showed me that book before I left and it looked like it had some "fun" stuff in it. I may have to get one of my own! Well, I just watned to say HI. I miss seeing you! You always make me laugh and are one strong chick!
Best Wishes,

Amy said...

Cute! Now did you go home and throw out the old ones????