Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today speedwork was on the schedule, 10 miles with 5x1600 @ 12:08 pace. I figured since it was nice out the park would be a great place to run. I didn't figure on the wind and the heat! The wind was sucking all my energy from me and the high temps only added to the struggle I was having. After 4.50 miles I decided to scratch the speedwork and go for the distance. I headed out on the trails to just get the miles in and not worry about the speed. I finished with 3.50 miles for a total of 8.
While I was doing my run and trying to break up the monotony I wondered, would those princesses be in shape to run the half ? When does Cinderella have time, she is so busy waiting on those ugly stepsisters.How about Snow White, not only does she have to sweep up after those 7 dwarfs, she also has to cook and clean for them. Those girls didn't have time to fit in speedwork and tempo runs. My guess is the only one in shape would be Moulan.
Total miles for week 12


Mark said...

My vote would be for Moulan also! I bet someone has already analyzed this someplace, I'll see what I can find.

KatyShops said...

Ariel does swim a bunch...she would be in good shape too.