Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Time to get the suitcase out and start thinking about what I need to take for the race. Of course I wouldn't race with out my skirt from I also need to get a new pair of smart wool socks and some sport beans. There is lots to do yet and I still have runs.
Tuesday I was at the gym to train and then before I went to work I did my 2 miles for the day. I felt like I was running at a good pace but my Garmin ran out of juice so I couldn't tell.
Today was another 2 miles at a 14:24 pace. That seems so slow for me and after warming up I found it was hard to maintain that pace. I ran my first mile at an 11:54 pace and the second mile at a 13:00 pace.

Miles for week 4

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Jenny said...

Don't forget to pack snake repellent.