Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We had a severe storm last night. We even had a phone call from our village telling us to take cover and go to our basements. Have they not noticed that there are no basements in Texas. I did stay away from the windows until the winds and hail ceased. Today however it was a beautiful Spring like morning and except for a few puddles on the path you would never have known we had had such a storm.

I had a tempo run on my schedule of 7 miles including 5 miles @ a 13:14 pace. This was a perfect day to be out so off I went. I even spotted some trees starting to bloom.

I never know if I am really improving or not but after looking at my times I'd say yes, I'am.

Mile 1 17:23

Mile 2 13:47

Mile 3 13:o7

Mile 4 13:05

Mile 5 13:08

Mile 6 13:54

Mile 7 15:54

Mile 6 was up a very long hill which I probably walked at least 1/2 of it.


Mark said...

Great tempo run Cindy! Wise to baby that knee because it sounds like it is getting better and you are so close to the Princess race!
Also, maybe you should think about having Tom dig a root cellar in the back yard.

Amy said...

Or you could just take cover under your stairs now that it is all cleaned out, right?