Monday, June 7, 2010


Christy and I had signed up to run the Red White and Blue 5K in our neighborhood on Saturday there were also going to be several girls from boot camp running.
The race started at 8 am, it was hot and humid but I run these trails and thought I'd be okay. I was smart to carry water with me as the first water stop was out. I think people were probably using some to cool their bodies off. The first two miles seemed to go okay but then I started to feel the heat and made a decision to walk more than I would normally do.
This was not a chipped time race and I am still waiting for results to be posted, I forgot to turn off my Garmin at the finish but think my time was around 40:13. Disappointed with the time since my last few races have been under 40 minutes.
We waited for results and they called out the 50-59 age group winners and then the 70 and over. HEY, what happened to the 60-69. I went up to find out. "We called that " the lady said. I replied with " no you didn't". She again said yes they called that age group. Christy said "no you didn't". The lady started looking at the results sheet and asked if I preregistered. I spotted my name and pointed it out. " Well you're the only one in that age group and that's why I missed it"
They gave me a first place medal and I was on my way. I'm still waiting to see the results because I don't think I was the only one in that age group.

So here is the medal, but I'm sure sure about what place I got.

At boot camp today there were a lot of complaints about how poorly organized the race was and how hard the course was with all the hills. One girl who runs a lot said it was harder then some half marathons she has done.


Amy said...

The heat will do that to you! Good for you anyway on just getting out there and doing it. And first place is first place even if you are the only one!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Good for you on listening to your body and walking when you needed to. The heat can be brutal.

congratulations on the medal! You deserve it.