Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Fitness day, the last time we were measured was on March 22nd, almost three months ago. I was ready to see some new numbers and hoping it would be good.
WOOHOO! I lost a total of 8 pounds and 5 inches and my body fat dropped 2.1%. Shayla said I had really good numbers. That's a great feeling ! Here's how I did:

Shoulders down 1 inch
Chest down 11/2 inches
Waist down 1/4 inch
Hips down 1/2 inch
Thigh down 1 inch
calf down 3/4 inch
Body fat 34.6% down 2.1%

Boot camp today was outside on the covered side walk with a really nice breeze blowing the whole time. Heidi had 5 circuits set up that we were to do three times. One circuit was using the kettle ball and passing it around us with our arms slightly raised. I love using the kettle ball.
We also had to do triceps extensions, push ups, suitcase crunches and dumbbell one-point row. This never felt like a hard work out, maybe because we had the nice breeze.

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Amy said...

you ROCK!!!!!