Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I arrived at boot camp early so I could run my mile warm up and then have time to cool off. As I was finishing up Shayla came out and told me not to run any more because she was going to time us for a mile. I'm dripping sweat and thinking I got to run a mile again, damn! Used the bathroom, got some water and lined up to run, again. I didn't think I was doing that well but she timed at a 10:33 pace.
Next on the agenda was a short work out in the parking lot and then we would be going inside. I started with the girls but when we got to frog jumps after about three of them I felt like I was going to loose my breakfast so I went and sat out. Was it the heat, was it the antibiotic I'm on, was I getting hungry... I didn't know.
We moved inside and I still wasn't feeling up to par, my stomach was starting to grumble so I went and got a Lara bar from my car. This seemed to help some but I decided to pull the "old lady card" and not do any of the jumping circuits.
Made it home and made a protein shake and took a shower, feeling better but still wiped out. It's funny how just missing a week of work outs can set you back.

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Kathryn said...

Oh no! Feel better!! I bet it's the antibiotics PLUS the heat. You're tough - you'll be back out there soon. Congratulations on that fast mile, ESPECIALLY feeling as bad as you did!!!