Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Beautiful morning, temperatures in high 50's so Christy and I took advantage of the cool weather and went for a run.

There are flowers everywhere, I even spotted some daffodils, but this hanging basket caught my eye.
We started up the hill, not really knowing where we were going but I figured I'd rather have the up hills at the beginning of our run.

When we came to the top of the street we spotted a trailhead. I thought it might be fun to get off the pavement and have the challenge of a trail.

To get to the trail we had to walk cross a small stream using the boards.

The trail ran parallel with a stream so the whole time we were on the trail we could see the stream.
Christy tried running on the trail but I was worried we might trip or twist an ankle so we walked fast instead.
When we came back down we ended up by lake Maggie where this warning sign was posted. Being good girls we stayed off the ice. Returned to the condo, did 3.50 miles.


Amy said...

Beautiful pictures - you guys are having a wonderful vacation!

Amy said...

I like the place this is a god place to run..:D