Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In Pain

So yesterday boot camp was outside, the day was too beautiful to be in. We started with weights in hands and doing lunges down the parking lot. At every third line we had to stop and do 10 thrusters. When we reached the end we were to sprint back and then run a lap. As I was returning from the running I saw the girls start out on their next set of exercises, I wanted to turn and get in my car and leave. This time we had to high step to a line then back kick to a line then frog jump to a line then do 10 push ups. We continued with this until we were across the lot and then sprinted back and did a lap. We finished up inside with 50 abs and then a stretch.
Today I really intended to go out and run but I can't move. Every step I take just kills me, my thighs are screaming in pain, I need to move but can't and tomorrow is boot camp again.


Mark said...

Good luck with your next boot camp, that last one sounded like a killer.

Last night Jenny had us doing some pretty tough crawling followed by walking lunges then repeating. It was all body weight but it didn't make it easier, but it was definitely fun!!

Fran said...

You're hardcore! Great job on such a tough bootcamp.

Amy said...

Love this picture! Your blog title had me worried - hope you feel better today.