Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This morning was boot camp and she totally threw me off. I thought because it was nice we would be out side dragging the sled and doing other cardio things. The lawn people were out raking and blowing grass cuttings all over so we were inside with a circuit of 8 stations that we would do 3 times. Here's what we were doing for 1 minute for each station:

Chest press 1st time, back rows 2nd time, push ups 3rd time
step ups with bar across shoulders
leg kicks at pad
pull ups
kettle ball swing
burpies with the bosu

This was a really good work out, the sweat was dripping and at times I thought I might be sick but I stuck with it. It was just as hard as running the hills on Monday!

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Jenny said...

Great bootcamp workout!!!