Saturday, October 1, 2011


Beautiful morning, temperature around 60. There were over 1500 signed up for this 5K. This will be the third time for Christy and me to run this race. That being said I thought I knew the course, but right at the start it changed from last year. Okay, I thought they will be adding more on the other end. When I hit the mile 2 marker my Garmin said 1.68, oops, was my Garmin broke or was the course marked wrong. I finished and the Garmin said 2.78, the course was short. Has this ever happened to you

The race starts at the Delaney Wineries and goes through a residential are with lots of hills.

Afterwards there is a great jazz band to entertain you until the awards are announce

The fall flowers around the winery were nice to see. Especially since everything had dried up from our summer heat.

This is the race that gives a wine glass if you place in your age group. I was working on my third glass and am hoping to eventually get a set of 6 glasses. They called my age group and first place was not me, then second place, not me. I was getting a bit nervous thinking maybe I didn't place but then they called third place and it was me. So now I'm half way to my set of glasses.

I was starving after the race so we called my husband and asked if he wanted to meet us for breakfast at a new restaurant. A plate of pancakes and eggs soon took care of my hunger.


Fran said...

I remember this from last year. I would love to run for wine :)

You have the sweetest daughter, just wanted you to know.

kilax said...

Congrats on placing! That sounds like a fun run.

I have been on a few courses that are really short too. It's always a bit of a bummer!

Amy said...

You did great, Mom! I know you are going to get your set of 6 glasses!