Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quick Week

This week has zipped by and I have been lacks in my running.
Monday was a holiday and I went to the movies to see 50/50, which I liked very much.
Tuesday was coffee with my friend and then to the store to get grocery's.
Wednesday was boot camp, we were on the mats doing the Turkish Getup. I about got up and left.
Thursday went to Target to shop and when I got home did not feel like running, so I finished the book I was reading by C. J. Box, Nowhere To Run. It takes place in Wyoming and is a mystery.
Friday I put air in my tires and rode my bike to boot camp. Little did I know we would be working on legs that day, but I managed to make it through the workout and even ride my bike back home.
Today I was going out for a walk because my legs are sore so I decided to take my camera with me . Note to self: check battery before you leave the house. I missed pictures of the dog agility training, the goats and the donkey. When I got home and told my husband he said" Get another camera and go back" Is this man crazy or what. I was dripping with sweat and thirsty and was not going back.

This afternoon we are going to get the Halloween decorations out and set them up while the weather is nice.


Amy said...

Have you read any books by that author's brother, M.T. Box? I heard there's not much in them.

Cindy said...

Ha Ha, it took me a moment to get that. :)

Mark said...

Great week of training! Too bad you missed the dog agility and goat pictures, maybe next time.

Turkish get ups are hard for me, too. But they are supposed to be good for you so I want to get better at them.