Monday, June 1, 2009


Okay, I'm sure you won't be able to guess where I did my Sunday run but here are a few clues.
Up the ramp I go, I don't need my hat because I'm inside. Know where I am?

It's 90 degrees and I'm hot and sweaty. Got a clue ?

Trying to find some shade by the Snapple sign. I could use an ice cold Snapple.

Now this should give you a big clue!

Yep, I'm at the Texas Rangers baseball game.
All joking aside I had every intention of doing my run yesterday, I even had laid my clothes out the night before, but my husband thought it would be a great day to see the Rangers play and it was fan appreciation day so we got to go down on the field. They took you down through these ramps under the stadium. It was a little creepy, I didn't realize how big it was underneath.
Because I missed the run yesterday I went out in the neighborhood this morning and did 4.75 miles.

From where I was sitting you could see the new Dallas Cowboys stadium.

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Amy said...

Ha ha! I bet all those ramps still count for a work out!