Friday, January 14, 2011


Yes we have had snow but not as much as Atlanta. Were having cold weather, temperatures barely making it out of the 20's. I have been hibernating like a Grizzly.The only miles I have run are the warm ups at boot camp so I am far behind on my goal for January.
I did two boot camps this week and then today because my back was hurting and I have a 5K race tomorrow I had Christy go in my place.
Because it has been cold I have been reading and just finished a book by Jamie Ford titled Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. It is a wonderful story about family, first loves and what happened to the Japanese Americans in Seattle during World War II.
I always find when I am stuck inside because of the cold that nothing taste better than a slice of fresh, warm bread from the oven. I have just made the dough and it is on its first rise. Can't wait until it is finished. I've been using the recipe from King Arthur Flour for classic white sandwhich bread and it always turns out.

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