Sunday, January 2, 2011


I have to admit when Amy first suggested we do a race while they were here I wasn't very enthused. December can be cold or wet and the thought of racing in that type of weather wasn't my idea of fun. However I pulled up my big girl panties and said I'd go, after all it was going to be my grandson's first race. The race was starting at 4:30 in Ft. Worth, we left the house at 2 because I didn't know what the traffic would be like or where the race was. Got there in plenty of time and got registered.

We all got our bibs and I helped Florian pin his on. I think he was a little worried I might stick him.

The race started on top of the levy so we went up the hill to check it out and also I had to use the port-a-potty and it was down the hill on the other side.

Waiting for the race was cold. I sat on the hill to try and keep warm while the fun run was going on. There was a good breeze and the temperature was dropping. I don't know how people run in shorts when it's cold. Finally we got to line up and the race began. Florian, Stefaan and Amy were ahead of me and since it was an out and back I got to see them when we passed. Christy and I gave each other a high five when we passed. As I neared the end I saw the hill to get up to the levy, ugh.

Stefaan was nice and met me at the bottom of the hill and ran in with me. Amy was waiting with water and a banana and Florian had cookies. My kind of race treat. Can you believe they even had Belgium waffles.

Finished with a time of 38:38 enough to get me first place in my age group. Then it was time to head back home and start the celebration.

That evening we had a great dinner and rang in the new year with horns and champagne.
Happy 2011 everyone.

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Amy said...

Great race report and so glad we were all able to do this together - it meant a lot to me!