Saturday, January 15, 2011


Christy and I signed up for this race back in December. It was an inaugural 5K and 10K in Addison an area North of Dallas. I awoke to the sound of rain and the thought that I didn't want to go out in cold damp weather to run a 5k. However, I knew Christy would be disappointed if we didn't go and by the time we were ready to leave the house the rain had stopped.
The race was in Addison Circle at the convention center. We were allowed inside to stay warm and use the bathrooms. Yes, real bathrooms.

Waiting for the race to start we are inside staying warm and watching out the window at the runners warming up. The race had one big bridge that we had to run up and down and then on the turn around we got to do it again. Most of the course was flat. When we reached the finish we were handed a mug to go inside and fill with hot cocoa.

The mug pile was quickly dwindleing as helpers were scooping them up to hand to the runners.

Christy and I met up and headed inside to fill our mugs. Besides the cocoa there was beer, pizza, and pancakes from The Orginal Pancake House.

Here's a closer look at the mugs, cute aren't they? While we were sipping our hot cocoa they were announcing the winners. I had spotted my competion so didn't think I had a chance at a medal...

then I heard my name announced for second place, 38:xx, yes i did it!

Look how cute the medal is and now it is hanging on the cute medal rack I got for Christmas.

With our bellies full and cups in hand we headed back to the car and home. This was a great race and I would definately do it again.

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Amy said...

that is one of the cutest medals I have ever seen!!! Congratulations! This sounded like a really neat race - wish I could have done it with you!