Friday, January 21, 2011


Boot camp this morning, what was in store for us. I knew it wouldn't be the cards today. Okay, she's going for upper body. I can handle that. Here's what we did. She had a circuit set up that we were to do 5 times. There were six of us so six stations.

Burpees 10 reps
Chest press 45 pounds 20 reps
tricep dips 20 reps
lateral pull downs 60 pounds 10 reps
V abs 10 reps
side raise palms facing front 8 reps
palms facing rear 8 reps
palms facing sides 8 reps

So if i did the math correct this is what it adds up to:
50 burpees
100 chest presses
100 triceps dips
50 lateral pull downs
50 V abs
120 side raises

Out of all of the above I find the burpees the hardest to do.

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