Saturday, January 29, 2011


One of the trainers at the gym is training for the Golden Gloves boxing match. So today the gym held a special boot camp to raise money to help pay for her expenses. Christy and I wanted to help support her so we attended. If I'd known , I'd of just donated and skipped the camp. It was hard, hard, hard. So hard I can't remember all that we did but it was based on her workouts that she uses to prepare for her fight. She even taught us some boxing steps, that was fun. Part was inside and then we were out in the parking lot for part, yes out side where the temperature was 78. This evening I asked Christy if her legs were sore because mine sure were. No it was her abs that hurt.
This week i managed to get in 4 boot camps and 1 run. Hoping to do better next week.

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Amy said...

More running and less boot camps!
Sounds like Cat's was really tough...hope you're feeling less sore today!