Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We are still in the big freeze. All the roads are covered with ice and traffic is barely moving. And to think that the Super Bowl is going to be played here on Sunday. The temperature was 13 this morning and it was slim chances that I would get out side. Boot camp was cancelled so I had to come up with one of my own. Luckily we received several great Wii games at Christmas so Christy and I decided to get them out and try some. The first was Just Dance 2. I was having a bit of a time trying to keep in step and " hey, why aren't I getting perfects"
After about two songs I was ready to move on. Next on the play list was Zumba,
I let Christy wear the hip belt. This was a lot of fun but harder than I thought it would be. Again I had trouble following the steps but what the heck I was moving. Last was The Biggest Loser Challenge. Christy went first and did it all then it was my turn. I was starting with Bob and the personalized training. Trust me the warm up was tiring me out. I was wanting to stop but Christy said I had to do the whole thing. Lucky for me they turned the power off, second time today this has happened. Well that was it I was finished.
For an extra little workout I bundled up and went out and cleared a path on the patio so my weenie dogs wouldn't slip and slide into the pool.

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Amy said...

Haha! Sounds like you guys got a good workout in in spite of the snow!