Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well they are now predicting up to an inch of snow for tomorrow. What next ! Today it got up to 20 and seemed a lot colder then the last few days. I finished a book that I had gotten for my birthday from the Belgium group. It was Keeping the Feast by Paual Butturini. This was a wonderful story about living in Italy, recovering from tragedy, healing with food and love. Once I was finished with the book I was hungry for some food, so made some bread and some chilli to go with the bread. Perfect afternoon.
There was no exercise today, my drive is clear and the dogs have a path to the yard. If they are right I will be doing the shovel work out tomorrow.
I'm not complaining about the snow. After all what we got is nothing compared to Chicago. And it's nice to know there is no where to go.

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