Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This morning was overcast in the 60's with a breeze. I did my warm up mile outside. It was nice to get away from running on the treadmill.
When I came in to the gym Shayla asked what it was like outside. Not bad I said and so she decided we'd go out for boot camp. It was pulling the sled and sprints. We also had the big rubber band where one is inside and the other behind holding it as we try to run. I always feel like I am either going to trip or go flying into the person I am holding. In between the running, pulling and dragging we had to do push ups and abs.


Amy said...

Spring! Love the new picture - is that by any chance from Keukenhof?

Cindy said...

yes it is. I was getting tired of looking at that snowy picture and our weather has turned nice.