Monday, February 14, 2011


Shayla added a new piece of equipment to the gym, the prowler sled, and today was my first time to try it. It looked like it'd be easy. Hey you just push it across the carpet. I couldn't even get it started. Finally Shayla had to help me start out. This was hard but i was doing it.

Here's what it looks like being pushed. One side you are low and the other high. I found the high side much easier to push.
Before we did this we had to do the clock push ups. Starting at one and doing one rep than moving to two and doing two reps until we reached twelve. That was 78 push ups! A lap running on the treadmill and than doing the clock push ups this time starting at twelve and going to one. Another lap running on the treadmill and then lunges, prowler and V sit ups. Quite a work out for Monday.

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Amy said...

Jeez! You must be wiped!