Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Oh boy, all day yesterday I was craving some chocolate. Nothing in my cupboard but a half bag of chocolate chips. Not what I was wanting. I know, you're thinking she just went back to WW and now she wants chocolate. Yes. When I couldn't find any I gave up and made a cup of tea thinking that would help with the cravings. That night as I was getting ready to prepare dinner I open the cupboard with the cookbooks in it and pulled out a recipe box. What came tumbling out with the box were three chocolate bars that Amy had given me at Christmas. I had stuck them back in the cupboard and forgotten them. This was like winning the lottery, there was a blueberry and almond, cranberry and orange and raspberry and raisins. Today I'm going to treat myself to a square or two with a cup of tea.

The temperature was a bit cooler this morning but I still needed to get out. Headed for the trails but decided to reverse the way I usually go. It was cool but I quickly took off my jacket. It's amazing how fast I warm up once I get out. They are still working on the new bathrooms at the park so had to use the porta potty. I'll be glad when those are gone.

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Amy said...

Woo hoo!!! That's better than winning the jackpot in a casino (well, kinda)! Glad it helped you out at such a crucial moment...