Friday, February 11, 2011


Remember the movie League of their Own with Tom Hanks and in it one of the girls is crying and he says " no crying in baseball." For some reason while I was struggling at boot camp today and felt like doing the cry that line popped into my head. Only it was no crying at the gym. Man it was hard today. For starters Cat was teaching the class and she is one tough coach. She had a work out on the dry erase board for us to do. It involved a lot of reps and a lot of jumping like burpees and Marios. Also there were squats and thrust and other upper body exercises. We had to go through 9 different exercises and then got a 2 minute recovery on the tread mill. Then repeat. The first started with ten reps then each increased by ten until you reached fifty and then you decreased by ten until you were at the last one which was 10 Marios.I will be honest, I was not able to do all the reps on the second set. She did give us a nice stretch after but said we would probably be sore. It took all my energy just to walk out to my car after class and drive home.

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Amy said...

Oy - that must have been a killer workout if you almost cried...hope you're not too sore today.