Friday, September 23, 2011


Summer is officially over except that tomorrow the temperatures are suppose to get back in the 90's, but today it was 59 when I left for boot camp. The perfect weather for working out outside. There were lots of new people so she paired us up new with old to do the deck of cards. I got Michelle and it was her first time at boot camp however she has trained with Heidi. We were each given a deck of cards and started drawing. Our first card up was the Joker and that was 100 Kettle ball swings. The rest of the suits were as follows:

Kings 10 box jumps. We never got this card
Queens 10 Burpies
Jacks 10 frog jumps
Ace run 1 lap
Spades plank rows
Diamonds box squats
Clubs thrusters
Hearts sit ups

We were slower than the others but managed to get through about 25 cards. Nice work out to end the week on.

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Amy said...

So she's not making you do the whole entire deck anymore? Phew!