Saturday, September 17, 2011


Christy and I had done this race two years ago, so I thought I knew the course. What I didin't know was last year they changed it which resulted in a lot more hills to be running up. The weather was a mild 74 with clouds. That I was thankful for. Today I was hoping for a nice easy run, I knew my time would be in the 40 minute range.

The race takes place in Lewisville near the Grand Theater. We took off and Christy went out ahead of me. I caught up with her at one of the hills and then passed her. This race seemed long, maybe because of the new course. I walked and ran and finally turned the corner for the finish.

This is the front of the Grand Theater

A sculpture

Facing East towards the town with the sun just coming up.

I took first place with a time of 41:14 and received a gift certificate to Dick's Sporting Goods for $50. for being the oldest woman running. Age does have it's benefits. Christy got a gift card to a local nursery for $15. so we both were winners today.

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Amy said...

"Oldest woman running" - you crack me up!