Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So Monday I had the rest of my fitness test for boot camp. I had to run a mile. My time was slow, slow like honey coming out of a jar. I guess this is the price you pay for missing a month of workouts.

After testing we were all given a deck of cards and then were on our own. Again I struggled with the burpies and frog jump. There is something about the up and down of these that bothers me. I can manage a few and then start to feel dizzy. I cut the jump roping from 100 to 75, come on I'm just starting back. The rest of the exercises I was okay with.

I missed my run today but will make it up on Saturday when I do a 5K race. Our temperature is back in the 100's and it was too warm to go out. We have passed the previous record set in the 80's for the longest days over a hundred. So far we are at 70 days over.

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