Sunday, September 11, 2011


September always makes me want to buy apples and start baking, however since my husband and I both need to lose weight there will be no apple pies in my house.

This week was rough trying to get back into my exercise and running mode. Here's how it went:

Monday I did the elliptical at LA Fitness in Atlanta. Did the weight lose program which was around 30 minutes. It was Katy's idea to go and work out since I would be riding in a car for 5 hours, thanks Katy.
Tuesday I did 2 miles on the treadmill at the hotel. Lucky for me the exercise room was across from our room so I had no excuses not to do it.
Wednesday I was extremely tired, had to get up early as my husband had a Dr.'s appointment. I took the day off.
Thursday went out in the neighborhood and ran/walked over 4 miles.
Friday, this was hard, made myself go back to boot camp. I lucked out since it was fitness week we had a shorter boot camp.
Saturday, I couldn't move. OMG. My shoulders were sore, my sides were sore and my legs didn't want to move. I did nothing.
Sunday I had a run scheduled and decided to take a long route. Finished with over 7 miles. Woo hoo! I feel great, no sore legs.

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